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If a loved one was facing ear, nose or throat surgery at Nambour Hospital wouldn’t you like to know that the surgeon had access to the most accurate, state of the art equipment available, designed specifically to ensure their safety?

A $64,000 NIM Nerve Monitor has been requested by the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) team at Nambour Hospital and Wishlist has committed to fund it as soon as possible.

We are calling on the help of Sunshine Coast locals.

Nerve monitoring is extremely important in safe-guarding “nerves of movement” when undertaking complex surgery of the ear, face and throat.

The NIM monitor offers real-time signaling in the event a critical nerve is approached during surgery, and is a valuable safety tool that is used routinely in large hospitals throughout Queensland.

The NIM-monitor can be used on adults and children, and having local access to a machine at Nambour Hospital allows for both cost saving and safer surgery in Sunshine Coast patients undergoing ENT surgery.

Sunshine Coast resident Franscoise Jewell, whose recent complex ear surgery was a success with thanks to both the skills of her surgeon and the NIM Nerve Monitor hired from Brisbane, knows all too well the benefit of this equipment.

“Entering into the surgery, I had peace of mind knowing that the surgeons were able to be as precise as possible when operating,” said Ms Jewell.

“If things had gone wrong the side effects of this complex surgery include affected facial nerves and a drooping face.”

Providing our local surgeons with the tools required to monitor the surgery is undoubtedly a great asset to Sunshine Coast families.

Wishlist needs your help to continue to expand the ENT service for local families and fit out our hospitals with the most up to date, innovative and state of the art equipment available.

Ultimately, through our $1million plus commitment to the needs of the local Health Service each year we aim to prevent travel for our patients … and your loved ones.

We are calling on residents of the Sunshine Coast to dig deep and help us to fund this vital piece of equipment for Nambour Hospital for the benefit of our entire community.

To donate, head to: