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When most children are learning to crawl, Abbey couldn’t gain the strength to lift herself up. As time moved on and Abbey wasn’t walking, mum Sharon knew something wasn’t right.

After numerous private paediatrician appointments, Abbey was diagnosed with low muscle tone. Her muscles aren’t strong enough to hold joints in place therefore her motor skills are affected.

“Abbey was slow to crawl and walk because she doesn’t have the muscle strength that the average person has to do activities she should be at her age.” Mum Sharon said.

As private assistance can be very expensive and it was unsure how long Abbey would need the assistance for, parents Sharon and Bruce turned to the Child Development Service (CDS) for help.

“As prep was nearing, we were concerned with how Abbey would cope holding a pencil or having the stamina to make it through the day without feeling fatigued, so we decided to get help from CDS.” Sharon said.

“They offered us two private hour-long sessions with an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist to explain some of the exercises to help Abbey get ready for prep.”

Sharon said they followed through with an 8-9 page report on everything, a follow-up meeting where they spoke in great detail about the report and offered two further consultations.

“As a parent I found this extremely beneficial and I now have the tools to use with Abbey to help develop her muscle tone and get her ready for school next year.” Sharon said.

Abbey’s parents are blown away with the help they’ve been offered.

“CDS has been excellent at providing a service and educating us as parents and sending us away with the tools to help our child.” Sharon said.

“The new location at Wises Road is a fantastic service area with impressive facilities and the therapists emphasise on practicality to help with children’s individual needs.”

As Abbey grows her knees change which may require further assistance and now that CDS assess 6-8 year olds, Sharon and Bruce can rest assured six-year-old Abbey will continue to get the help she needs.

Relocating and expanding the CDS was all thanks to donations from the community. By registering for the 2015 Run Sunshine Coast, 100% of the registration fee goes directly to Wishlist to grow the Child Development Service.

If you would like to register or find out more, head to: