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We caught up with Wishlist volunteer Cheryl Jeynes who has been dedicating her time at Reed House since 2009. 

How long have you been a volunteer at Reed House?

I have been a volunteer at Reed House from October 2009, a few months after the opening of Reed House on April 6, 2009. I volunteer on a regular basis one day a week or sometimes an extra day if others are away or ill.

Why did you become a volunteer?

It was always on my bucket list to volunteer after I finished work and I am so glad I did as I say to others I enjoy it more than when I got paid probably because you don’t have to do it but you want to and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to know I have made a contribution to make a difference for some people less fortunate than myself.

Volunteer Cheryl Jeynes who has been a volunteer at Reed House since 2009.

Volunteer Cheryl who has been a volunteer at Reed House since 2009.

What is the best part of your job at Reed?

The team I work with at Reed House are all wonderful, likeminded and different in personality who all contribute their many life skills and work experience it’s like having an extended family who support and care about each other.

Have there been any challenges?

There are always challenges in any job mainly seeing guests very upset after losing a loved one or getting a life changing diagnosis but you just give as much support and compassion as you can and there is always support for us too.

What is a typical day at Reed House?

A typical day starts with a handover from the caretaker or handover notes from the previous team, checking the in-house guest forms to bring us up to date and also any incoming guests for that day.

We make a list of any check outs for the day and their paperwork to make sure forms are signed and payments up to date.

We do a walk around the premises and to the common areas upstairs, check on guests’ welfare, remove any rubbish and check rooms of incoming guests for that day to make sure room is ready.

On Tuesday I do the banking for the week, process any invoices for payment and PTSS claims, do a stocktake of the linen and then place an order with C.L.S. if needed.

We check guest’s rooms after they have checked out, strip the used linen and replace with clean linen for the cleaner or make up the room ourselves if needed for incoming guests.

This is a snapshot as there so many other jobs that occupy our time.

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