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The House The Coast Built

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with Ausmar Homes and local contractors to build the fourth The House The Coast Built.

Our most ambitious project yet, we’re planning to build an affordable accommodation facility for families with loved-ones receiving life-saving treatment at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

“Many faHouse-the-Coast-Built-Logo-Portraitmilies travel great distances to support their loved-ones, often children, undergoing life-saving treatment at our Sunshine Coast University Hospital”, Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said.

“We are so very grateful and excited to announce that Wishlist have secured a piece of land in Birtinya – walking distance to the Hospital – with plans to build a house to accommodate a number of guests. And to ensure families can stay together when family love and support matters most”.

With funds raised from 92.7 Mix FM’s Give Me 5 For Kids and other initiatives, Wishlist have purchased a piece of land close to the Hospital. Settlement is set for Friday 12 October, marking the official start to this massive The House The Coast Built project.

A true Sunshine Coast legacy, the project will be a community effort, with trades and services being donated from across the region.

Wishlist have partnered with Ausmar Homes, 92.7 Mix FM, The Sunshine Coast Daily, WIN News & Fresh PR to make this project possible.

Teddy bear donation spreads joy to hundreds of little patients

A donation of 280 teddy bears to Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, Wishlist, has brought smiles to the faces of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s smallest patients.

Donated by home styling company, Lorraine Lea, the bears will be handed out to children in the Hospital’s Paediatric wards, who will bravely undergo treatment for a range of illnesses in the coming months.

Aria Jackson with PJ Bear

On Thursday, October 10, local Lorraine Lea leaders, Cassie Dodds and Jodi Hamlyn-Harris dropped in to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s Paediatric Outpatient Unit to surprise the kids with a very special ‘Super PJ Bear’.

Jodi Hamlyn-Harris (Lorraine Lea), little Aria Jackson, Mum Jade Jackson, Cassie Dodds (Lorraine Lea)

“We are so chuffed to be able to present the PJ Bears on behalf of Lorraine Lea”, said Jodi.

“Lorraine Lea is such a beautiful company that is always giving back to the community, especially to children in need. We feel incredibly proud to be able to donate these bears”, said Cassie.

Paediatric Outpatient Clinical Nurse, Sue Maclean, said the bears offer many benefits to the kids undergoing treatment at the Hospital.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on the kids’ faces. Often, they’re not having the best day, so these bears are a welcomed distraction. And when the kids are smiling, Mum and Dad are smiling, too. Everyone is happier,” said Ms Maclean.

Close to 2000 bears were donated by Lorraine Lea hosts and guests to paediatric wards in hospitals around Australia.

Wishlist provide ongoing support to Sunshine Coast Hospital’s paediatric units, including the recent funding of $6952 for iPads as diversional therapy for children undergoing surgery and the extension of the popular local Clown Doctor service for another two years – valued at $110,800.

New equipment for Mental Health Unit sensory room

Noise-cancelling headphones, iPods, fitness equipment and art supplies are among a long list of items Wishlist have funded for the Mental Health Inpatient Unit at Nambour Hospital, to improve the sensory room for patients.

The equipment will encourage patients to use the sensory room as a space for respite, de-escalation and time out.

IMG_2529Occupational Therapist for the Unit, Natasha Bruce, said the equipment caters for a wide-range of needs.

“The items such as weighted modalities and tactile objects have been extremely helpful for incorporating as part of our group program.
“I have no doubt that, as staff get used to using the new equipment, our consumers will continue to benefit and feel more comfortable on our challenging ward.

“It’s nice to see patients coming to these spaces and requesting alternatives to medications. Many have commented that the space is very helpful and appreciated, said Natasha.”

The sensory room initiative is one of several mental health programs supported by Wishlist. More than $1400 has been approved to purchase drums and other rhythmic instruments for Mental Health Units at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Nambour Hospital, to assist with anxiety and emotional control.

Wishlist Spring Carnival final tally!

With an ambitious goal to establish the first affordable family accommodation facility near the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, the 2018 Wishlist Spring Carnival has raised over $125,000 in just four hours.

Thanks to the generosity of the Sunshine Coast community at Friday’s event, Wishlist can continue to work towards building the much-needed accommodation facility.

“We are thrilled to announce this tally,” Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said.

“Many families are travelling great distances to support their loved-ones, often children, undergoing life-saving treatment at our Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

“We are so very grateful and excited to announce that Wishlist have taken the first steps to secure a piece of land within walking distance of the hospital, with plans to build a house to accommodate a number of guests—ensuring families can stay together when family love and support matters most”.

Lisa Rowe and Deborah Love (photo credit Greg Gardner)Guest speaker at the event, Deborah Love, talked to the 540-strong crowd at Friday’s fundraiser, about the importance of family accommodation after losing her son James, age 7, to Brain Cancer in 2016.

“The money raised at this event, you might think, will buy the land, or bricks and mortar. You might also think it will buy material or the cost of labour. But this is not as significant as what this fantastic facility will really buy—time. Family time, which might not be possible any other way”, Mrs Love said.

“It will give the chance of laughter. It will allow for time out, or to be normal for a few moments. It will provide opportunities to create beautiful memories, which, for some, might be all they leave with”.

In the first 12 months of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital opening, 1089 paediatric patients, who lived more than 50km from the hospital, were treated. Another 340 mums who live outside our region were transported to our state-of-the-art maternity unit to deliver their babies – often pre-term.

Friday marked the 10th annual Wishlist Spring Carnival Gala, which has raised more than $1.2 million.

The event was hosted by two of television’s most popular personalities, Sunrise’s Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta, and included an intimate performance from rock legend, Jon Stevens.

“The day was a great success, truly highlighting the fantastic community we live in,” Ms Rowe said.

$442,310 worth of support to local health projects

We are so excited to announce that we have committed a massive $442,310 worth of support to local health projects, including $10,000 towards a superbug research project.

Dr Adam Stewart -Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Dr Adam Stewart

Funding the critical and innovative superbug research project – a joint collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast – will enable a better understanding of the nature and spread of drug-resistant bacteria, known as superbugs, among hospital patients.

Project lead, Dr Adam Stewart, in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) hopes the research will enable rapid identification of resistant bacterial infections to reduce the risk of a hospital outbreak.

“The information obtained from this study will determine if there is evidence of transmission of infections occurring within our hospital, especially in high-risk patients in the Intensive Care Unit,” Dr Stewart said.

“Ultimately, we hope to enable a faster, more directed infection control response.”

“As well as posing a threat to our patient population, hospital outbreaks are known to carry a major financial burden on the public health service.”

The $10,000 Wishlist grant will go directly towards the identification and genetic characterisation of more than 200 multi-drug resistant organisms.

“The Wishlist grant will provide our team with the resources we need to start this urgent research. We can now work on enhancing our care, especially for our most vulnerable patients.”

Wishlist’s commitment of $442,310 has provided financial support to many other Sunshine Coast health initiatives, which included $76,007 worth of vital medical equipment.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said the spend also included the extension of the popular local Clown Doctor service for another two years – valued at $110,800, and additional hours for the music therapist to spend with palliative care patients at Caloundra Hospital.

“We are happy to announce that we are not only supporting important medical research projects and purchasing medical equipment, but the giggles and gags in the Children’s Ward will continue with our local Clown Doctors,” Ms Rowe said.


$76,007 in life-saving medical equipment
$5080 towards staff education
$6952 for iPads for children undergoing surgery
$19,532 for a Telehealth Unit at Gympie Hospital

Help patients like Havana

Her smiling face is lighting up Woolworths cash registers across the Coast and there is a very good reason Havana from Wurtulla is sharing her story.

The five-year-old is the Sunshine Coast’s ambassador for the 2018 Woolworths Wall Token appeal which raises significant funds for Wishlist, through the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Havana was suffering from a limp which was mistaken for restless leg syndrome, despite multiple tests and x-rays. When doctors at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital did a full body MRI in the hope of finally finding answers, what they discovered was absolutely devastating.

Havana, a happy and energetic little girl, had a tumour mass in her stomach.

Havana, 5, from Wurtulla.

Havana, 5, from Wurtulla.

Havana’s mum Natasha recalled the day she finally got answers for what was causing her little girl so much pain.

“Havana had not even woken from the anaesthetic of the MRI when the doctors took me to a room alone to tell me this news,” Natasha said.

“I told them they were wrong and they had no idea what they were on about. How could a happy, playful child have something so bad wrong with her?

“I was honestly gobsmacked.”

Natasha asked her partner to bring the other children up to the hospital, including Natasha’s siblings who live with her.

“We sat outside the hospital and I told the kids what was wrong with their sibling and niece, and reassured them that everything was going to be fine.”

The next day, Havana was on her way to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital – about 100km away from their family home on the Sunshine Coast. Their family was separated, and little Havana was about to take on the fight of her life, for her life.

“The doctors told me the tumour was in her pelvic floor but was creeping around into her spinal cords,” Natasha explained.

“I told the kids it was going to be OK, not knowing that our whole world had changed and would be turned upside down for the next 12 months – we would be living apart, and there was also the unknown of what was actually going to happen to Havana.”

For the past year, Havana has endured chemotherapy, which started from the first day she arrived at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

“Havana was put on chemotherapy straight away and we were told about all the chemotherapy that she would be receiving. There was so much information to take in at this time.

“Doctors were not sure what type of cancer they were dealing with. After taking a good biopsy they were able to work out it was Ewing’s sarcoma.”

Havana has missed her brother and nieces, and they have struggled without their family being together. The side effects of chemotherapy have affected Havana’s potassium levels and her ability to gain weight.

“Havana’s had hard moments and losing her hair was one of them,” Natasha said. “She wouldn’t ever let me take photos of her and she wouldn’t smile. Havana gives me attitude when she doesn’t want to take medicines or doesn’t want to try to eat and that is when I know Havana is saying she’s had enough. But, she keeps fighting even though she has bad days.”

For close to a year, the hospital has been Havana’s second home. Her mum said programs run by the Children’s Hospital Foundation – especially bedside play and music therapy – have helped Havana during her treatment. “The bedside play volunteers play regularly with Havana and she enjoys their company a lot. This has helped her get through her long hospital stays.”

Your generous donations to the Woolworths Regional Wall Tokens Campaign helps fund programs in your local hospital, and at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, which help families like Havana’s through an emotional, stressful, and at times uncertain journey.

Donate today by buying a $2 token at your local Woolworths store.

Meet Fabio the Frog volunteer Michaella

They might be our smallest patients, but making sure the kids in our paediatric wards can provide feedback about their hospital experience is a big priority.

Thanks to the Wishlist-funded Fabio the Frog project, dedicated volunteers like Michaella can visit kids and their families in hospital and use the fun and dynamic Fabio the Frog app to record valuable information about their stay.

Armed with an iPad, Michaella donates her time each week to this important project, which is run entirely by Wishlist volunteers.

We had a chat with Michaella to hear more about her volunteering efforts.

Fabio the Frog volunteers

Photo: Fabio the Frog volunteers, Jane, Sandy, Michaella and Brooke.

When did you join the Fabio the Frog team? I joined the Fabio the Frog team early in January this year.

Why did it appeal to you? I really enjoy volunteering and meeting new people. I was looking for somewhere to volunteer in the community and thought this was a fun project to help out with and meet new people.

Do you have a particularly memorable story or patient? Not one person in particular, but I think the most memorable part of the job is seeing the faces of the sick children light up when we mention the word ‘teddy’ or show the cartoon of Fabio the Frog. I remember this one time, when myself and Sandy where surveying a parent while the child laid in bed not saying anything. The moment Sandy asked her if she wanted a teddy, the girl was up out of the bed excitedly showing Sandy her toy collection from her time in hospital. She was so happy, it’s always rewarding seeing the happy smiles of the children when we visit.

What are the challenges of your role? I guess the most challenging thing in this role is seeing so many sick children. We have a great support unit amongst the volunteers in the project and Wishlist though, so whenever anyone is particularly affected we always take time to debrief.

What is the best thing about volunteering for Wishlist? The best thing about volunteering for Wishlist is the amazing group of staff and volunteers I have met and become friends with. Without the lovely ladies I volunteer with, it wouldn’t be as rewarding and fun! I always leave the Wishlist office with a massive smile.

Would you like to volunteer for Wishlist? Get involved today by clicking here.

Branding experts become charity partner

Noosa based business The Branding Office has added to their charitable partnerships, teaming up with one of Sunshine Coast’s leading charities, Wishlist.

‘Boss Lady’ at The Branding Office Jodi Veivers said supporting the hospital foundation was a way of giving back to the local community and enhancing the Coast’s health service for families.

“We love our community and believe that we all play an important role in making the region the great place that it is,” Mrs Veivers said.

“By supporting and working with Wishlist, we are able to get to the very heart and soul of the region.”

The company have been long-time supporters of Wishlist and recently became the foundation’s trusted merchandise provider.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said the partnership was a crucial element in keeping marketing costs to a minimum with The Branding Office providing WishlistConnect enviro cups, Wishlist water bottles and volunteer shirts.

“We are so grateful to Jodi and Justin for becoming part of the Wishlist family and helping our hospital foundation to fund research projects, life-saving medical equipment and support programs like music therapy and the local Clown Doctor service for youngsters in our Children’s Ward,” Ms Rowe said.

Jodi and Justin Vievers - The Branding Office

Jodi and Justin Vievers – The Branding Office

“It’s because of local businesses like The Branding Office that we are able to change the lives of families here on the Sunshine Coast.”

Mrs Veivers, a mother-of-two, said it was important to “lend a helping hand where you can”.

“As parents and business owners, we want to build a business that is based on simply doing the right thing,” Mrs Veivers said.

“It is also very positive to be surrounded by people of like mind who have strong social responsibility.”

When it comes to marketing, the team at The Branding Office use innovative, cutting-edge merchandise to ensure their clients can make the most of their brand.

Jodi and Justin Vievers - The Branding Office (2)

“We pride ourselves in being helpful. If we haven’t made your life a bit easier when it comes to marketing merchandise then we have failed. From inception and design to the final production and delivery, we are built around being helpful.”

Wishlist is a not-for-profit organisation which directs funds to the needs of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

For more information, visit

Gympie children to benefit from new service

An innovative Telehealth service will connect Gympie Hospital paediatric patients with specialists at SCUH following a successful Wishlist Jazz & Wine Festival which raised $31,341.

All funds raised at the August 4 event will be directed to the needs of Gympie Hospital with the first item – a $19,532 Telehealth Service – to be ticked off the Wish List.

Andrew and Michelle Dunkley, Jo and Josef Zopf - Pic courtesy of The Gympie Times.

Andrew and Michelle Dunkley, Jo and Josef Zopf – Pic courtesy of The Gympie Times.

“Unwell children presenting to our emergency department will have access to specialist paediatric emergency consultants via telehealth, liaising with our local emergency consultants to provide optimised paediatric medicine for the health outcomes of the child,” Acting Director of Nursing Nick Jones said.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said having access to the facility would allow for timely transfers to benefit young patients and would also aid families who don’t necessarily have to travel to SCUH for treatment.

“The community really turned out for this event for the third year in the row,” Ms Rowe said.

“As always, funds raised in Gympie stay in Gympie, and it adds to our growing list of what we have funded recently at Gympie Hospital.”

This includes the $30,000 Gympie Hospital Gazebo near the Department of Emergency Medicine, $4000 towards a Masimo Sleep Study Monitor and equipment for the Paediatric and maternity rooms at Gympie Hospital, a $33,000 neuro-perfusion kit for stroke patients, plus upgrades to the Staff Quarters onsite at the hospital.

Mareen Walters, Theresa Field, Glenn Field, Nicole Atkinson, Kerry Zaninetti, Barry Webb, Alison Stockel - pic courtesy of The Gympie Times.

Maureen Walters, Theresa Field, Glenn Field, Nicole Atkinson, Kerry Zaninetti, Barry Webb, Alison Stockel – pic courtesy of The Gympie Times.

Thank you to all who supported the event, plus our major sponsors Schuh Group, Zinc 96.1, The Gympie Times and partners Karinya Florist, Get Wines Direct, Nestle, GMT Logging, Madill Motor Group, Gympie Regional Realty, Green RV, Kenilworth Dairies, Bidfood, and Xpresso mobile cafe.

To see all the photos from the day – visit


The Wishlist Jazz and Wine Festival on Saturday will feature live music acts, gourmet food, fine wine and plenty of fanfare, but it will benefit countless Gympie and Cooloola families.

One of those families is the Bugden’s of Gympie – mum Carmel and her two children 15-year-old Samuel Bugden and daughter Chloe Bugden, 13.

The trio have a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease.

The genetic disorder results in bones that break easily plus other symptoms including a blue tinge to the whites of the eye, short height, loose joints, hearing loss and breathing problems.

brittle bone disease“Sam was nearly two when he was diagnosed. He’s had about 14 breaks so far, my daughter has had three and I’ve had six breaks,” Mrs Bugden said.

“When we fall – we break. Everything we do, we have to do a risk assessment. It’s just something we have to live with.”

For the past 18 months, Chloe and Sam have been seeing paediatric specialists for infusions to help strengthen their bones.

“Sam receives his infusions every four weeks at Gympie Hospital and my husband Stephen takes my daughter to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) for her infusions every three months.”

“The infusions take about three hours plus a 30 minute flush out. Some days it can take most of the day.”

Mrs Bugden said the infusions appear to be working, but they can be traumatic for the children.

“My son fell off the steps at school and hurt his elbow. He came home from school like a normal child – he just had some scrapes and scratches on his elbow and that usually would have ended in a break.”

Gympie Hospital foundation Wishlist will be fundraising for a $19,532 Telehealth Service at this weekend’s Festival for Gympie Hospital’s Paediatric Room to connect the region’s young patients with top paediatric specialists at SCUH.


Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe said the service would help the region’s young patients, like Samuel and Chloe, to have the option of getting specialist advice in a timely manner without having to travel the 90km to SCUH.

The Telehealth service is just one of the initiatives Wishlist is working on for Gympie families.

“For those who do have to travel, we are planning to build Family Accommodation as close as possible to SCUH to allow remote and regional families to stay close to their loved ones in critical times of need,” Ms Rowe said.

“Currently we have Reed House, a beautiful 20-room facility next to Nambour Hospital, and we offer a shuttle service from Reed House to SCUH for patient appointments.

“But we’d love to add another affordable option for families even closer to our tertiary hospital at Birtinya.”

Tickets are available at the gate of the Wishlist Jazz & Wine Festival which kicks off at 2pm until 6.30pm at Gunabul Homestead tomorrow (Saturday).

General admission is just $30. VIP tickets have sold out.